Ed Holmes with a classy flick off the legs as Rupert Thackray watches on

Hemingford Park U9s hosted their 2nd mini tournament in a row as they faced a well drilled Warboys outfit and a depleted Hunts County team. Despite a much improved performance, ultimately wickets cost victory in both of the matches.

Rupert Thackray gave a bit of oomph to the Hemingford batting and nearly took the umpires head off (me!) with a powerful sweep through square leg. Will Hollebon put in a promising performance in what was his first ever game of cricket and demonstrated a fantastic natural bowling action. Generously, we gave both to a depleted Hunts County side in the 2nd game.

Izzy Cope was undoubtedly the most improved player of the morning, with some wonderful deliveries and great consistency we haven’t seen before. There was a great catch by Jonah Charles who clung on to a high one at mid-on. Ed and Finlay both kept their bowling tight and finished with excellent figures.

Both games would have been close had it not been for the number of wickets we lost so we need to learn the forward defensive shot. We are also going to work on our bowling action, getting the arm high and vertical, skimming the ear as the arm comes through.

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