U9s 2019 Season Review

Mirroring the success of the England cricket world cup team, the U9s went from strength to strength this summer and have now matured into very talented group of players. There has been some really exciting and enjoyable cricket games, with some outstanding individual performances and memorable moments. A diving catch at mid-wicket, a last ball 4 to clinch a 2 run win and the “bowl off” victory to name a few from the last tournament alone.

We’ve had unprecedented participation in Hemingford with nearly 30 year 3 and 4s taking part, undoubtedly helped by the feed in from Tim’s fantastic “All Stars” programme. Whilst this has presented us with a few challenges at times, it’s been brilliant to see so many playing the game we love and we look forward to continuing the success next year.

I’m pleased to announce that Paul Fogden has agreed to help out Keelen continue in the Under 9s next year. Dave and Stuart will be stepping up to the under 11s (year 5 and 6) where the kids will play with a hard ball and pads for the first time. That said, we really need at least three coaches in each age group to be able to cope with the numbers we are seeing so please put your name forward, even if you don’t know the game that well. It’s a short season and it is massively rewarding and enjoyable to see the players experience their star moment and develop into proper cricketers.

Finally, Dave, Keelan and Myself would like to thank all the children and parents (particularly the scorers!) for helping make the summer of 2019 such a success. We look forward to inviting you back next summer where we hope to be able to put on even more cricket than last year.

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