Aspired Coaching to Take on HPCC U13s this summer

I am pleased to announce that Grade 2 qualified coach Mike Farmer from Aspired Coaching has agreed to take on the U13s team this summer. For a long time this was looking unlikely, with no volunteer coach coming forward, so this is a great result for the U13s who now have the opportunity to play cricket in the village,

Whilst Aspired Coaching offer brilliant value, we do unfortunately need to charge more for the U13s only as it is a professional service. Cost will be £25 and will cover Thursday night training until 27th August (weather permitting) and some games as well. Any additional money taken over and above the coaching costs will be put back into the club. Come along on Thursday nights from 6pm if you’d like to signup.

Please support Mike by booking your child onto 1:1 or group training sessions (all ages) throughout the summer in the Huntingdonshire area. Check out his website or ask him directly for details.

I have personally had a great experience after enrolling Jonah for a block over the past few month. Jonah has really enjoyed the sessions which are very well run and it has brought on his game massively. He will be attending some of Mike’s summer group cricket camps in August.

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