HPCC Youth Team Registrations 2022

Hemingford Park Cricket Club are now all set for the new season which will start from May 2022. Sign-on day is 27th April @ the Hemingford Pavilion from 6pm where you will get a chance to meet the coaches. Training will commence the following Wednesday and continue throughout the summer, weather permitting.

Membership Forms

For the first time, we will have paperless registration forms, please sign up here to register your child’s details as soon as possible so we can get a feel for numbers. In the event we are full in any age group, we will select based upon a first come first served basis. Annual fees are £40, with match fees of £3.


To make it as easy as possible for both volunteers and members, we will be moving to the Spond platform. Register here if you haven’t already https://group.spond.com/TUFRV

Spond will be used for all official club communications, notice of events, match availability / selection and collecting payments amongst other things. Please support us by signing up and participating by downloading the app to your smartphone and registering an account. Thank you to all those who have already done this.

Volunteers Needed

We are still very much looking for volunteers to help run the club and coach all age groups. Although we think we have just enough to make it work this summer, we really need additional helpers across all age groups to help spread the load and help make cricket a great experience for all the kids. Specifically we need help to:

  • Coach / Herd children at training sessions. Smaller groups work so much better in cricket.
  • Umpire and score at games. It’s not as complicated as it looks, honest!
  • Mow, roll and mark up pitches
  • Set up and put away equipment at training and match days
  • Safeguarding Deputy (we need someone to take over from Vic next summer)
  • Spond Admins, for team selection and comms
  • Fund-raising activities

Training for all of these activities can be provided, we just need people willing, all help appreciated, even if its not every week.


U9s and U11s – These age groups will be mixed a little to cater for different abilities. U9s will play occasional Sunday morning 6 a side tournaments whilst U11s will have both a Sunday morning 8 a side softball games and Monday evening hardball games.

U13s – We have entered an 8 a side hardball team who play matches on Thursday evenings. We expect some of our more confident U11s to play up at U13s too.

U15s – For the first time we have enough interest and coaches to enter an U15 team. The U15s will train alongside the senior team on Thursday nights and play their matches on Wednesday evenings. We are excited at the prospect of our U15s playing in the senior men’s side on Saturday mornings and the Friday Nighters as part of their development.