Heavy Roller Sponsor Needed

Would you, your company or someone you know be willing to sponsor a new heavy roller for Hemingford Park Cricket Club?

Our current roller is 40 years old and on its last legs

Hemingford Park Cricket Club is thriving, with over 100 members of all ages, genders and background. But we can’t play cricket without pitches to play on.

Our current heavy roller has been faithfully flattening the square at the Hemingford Pavilion for the last 40 years. But it is on its last legs and can only go forwards, its only a matter of time before it officially becomes a write off as replacement parts no longer exist.

Yelcon homes (now part of Camstead Homes) who originally sponsored our roller had an incredible deal, their brand in full view of affluent Hemingford residents for over four decades, Could your company’s logo be on a new roller for the next 40 years?

What a deal Yelcon homes got over 40years ago

What we are asking for? To sponsor a new or second hand heavy roller, which we estimate costing between £10k and £15k.

What would you or your company get in return?

  • Your company logo and/or name on the new roller for it’s lifetime
  • An offer of a Friday night fixture every summer for your company / team to play against our Hemingford social T20 team. This includes a BBQ and is a lot of fun.
  • Press and Social Media posts announcing the donation

Please get in touch with a member of the committee or via email on hemingfordparkcricketclub@gmail.com if you think you can help. We may be able to support charitable donations and the tax relief that goes with it by partnering with the Sports and Social Club.